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Hydro scientist to lead German Society for Material Science

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Hirsch, Senior Scientist at Hydro’s Rolled Products R&D center in Bonn, will become President of the German Society for Material Science DGM for 2015 and 2016.

Jürgen Hirsch has been elected by the board and will enter office upon approval from the Member Assembly on September 16 , 2015 at the DGM Day during the Material Science Week. DGM´s Managing Board Member, Dr.-Ing. Frank O.R. Fischer, is looking forward to this cooperation and said he was sure that “Jürgen Hirsch, with his experience and standing in DGM, is an excellent choice for DGM presidency”.

DGM honored Jürgen Hirsch with their prestigious Tammann Prize in 2007 and as “DGM Pioneer”– the first to get this title in the history of DGM, in 2014. Having become a student member 40 years back, he engaged in several DGM fora and committees throughout the decades, finally as board member. “DGM has helped a lot in my professional and scientific development,” said Hirsch.

Since 2001, Jürgen Hirsch has been lecturing as apl. professor for Metallurgy at RWTH Aachen, sharing his expertise to students. At Hydro, he has been in charge for years to develop and maintain close contacts with Science Associations, with next-generation researchers and with bodies of research promotion. He also represented Hydro in important research projects like “Super-LIGHT Car” and has chaired numerous international science conferences.

Dr. Pascal Wagner, responsible manager for Rolled Products’ research & development, supported Jürgen Hirsch´s nomination to the top of DGM. He said: “With his decades of experience and immense networking on the interfaces of science and industry, Jürgen Hirsch is an outstanding representative and ambassador of our research & development. In close collaboration with universities, institutes and our customers we make materials like aluminium thrive – from fundamental research on to ever more efficient solutions for application in daily life.”

DGM is Europe´s largest and most reputed technological-scientific Society in the field of material science and technology. Jürgen Hirsch has plans to maintain this pole position. His central objective is the connection of scientific basic research and technical application in industrial process and product development. “To actively support and drive this with my long-term professional experience, wherever possible and necessary, shall be my major task and personal contribution as DGM President,” said Hirsch.

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