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Recycling industry looks to Hydro’s plant in Madrid

Aluminium recycling will be in focus at the 23rd International Recycled Aluminium Conference in Madrid hosted by Metal Bulletin, with Hydro as lead sponsor, Nov. 16-18, 2015. As part of the conference, participants will visit Hydro’s recycling plant in Azuqueca.

Roland Scharf-Bergmann

Roland Scharf-Bergmann, head of Recycling in Hydro, will be the keynote speaker at the conference, addressing the qualities and benefits of secondary aluminium. Iñigo Aranguren, managing director of Hydro Aluminium Iberia, is also a conference speaker.

The International Recycled Aluminium Conference this year will attract representatives from more than 100 companies from 35 countries. Remelting aluminium uses just 5 percent of the energy needed to make primary aluminium.

Hydro is one of the largest remelters of aluminium in the world. Recent expansions in Hydro’s recycling network include the acquisition of a scrap processing plant in Dormagen, Germany, and new recycling capacity in Neuss, Germany, and Clervaux, Luxembourg.

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