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Hydro and WWF: Cooperating on climate

Hydro and WWF have entered into a one-year cooperation agreement. The goal is develop innovative solutions that can help cut emissions related to climate change.

Both Hydro and WWF are working to helping Norway meet is climate targets for 2030. Now Norway’s largest industrial concern and the Nowegian chapter of the world’s largest environmental organization are joining to find good solutions for a renewable society. 

The one-year agreement says the two shall “stimulate to identify and develop new business opportunities toward a low-carbon society.”

“This is a cooperation I am looking forward to! The point is that we will exchange innovative solutions that can help cut emissions and protect biodiversity. We have different starting points, but we share the same goal,” says Nina Jensen, WWF-Norway’s secretary general.

“Aluminium is increasingly important part of low-carbon solutions for the future. We want to show the possibilities the metal has, and the role the aluminium industry has in the global efforts to reduce climate-related emissions,” says Inger Sethov, Head of Communication & Public Affair’s in Hydro.

In addition to general cooperation, Hydro and WWF will collaborate especially closely on how aluminium can be recycled in Norway even more than today. Previously, Hydro and WWF cooperated on the “Tea Light Hunt,” in which 87,000 children from schools and day care centers gathered used tea lights over a three-year period for recycling.

“We know Hydro well through earlier collaborations, and it will be exciting to see what can accomplish together with this new agreement,” Jensen says.