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Hydro ‘eternalizes’ a-ha in virtual reality

Just as aluminium is eternally renewable, we will help make one of the legendary pop band a-ha's concerts eternally available this spring – in virtual reality. Join us in VR!

VR is one of the major technology trends in 2016. Never before has it been possible to recreate, in such a convincing way, the feeling of being somewhere else. This is a feeling we want to share with you. The concert is now available through the app ‘a-ha VR’available for both iPhone and Android phones:

You may also see the concert in VR on Hydro’s YouTube-channel. Be sure to select the highest quality in “settings” when you access the video from your smartphone. 

All you need is a smartphone and VR glasses, and you’ll be able to experience the feeling of being in the audience – or even on stage, next to lead singer Morten Harket. 

What is VR and what do you need? 

VR is short for virtual reality. To achieve the illusion, you have wear VR glasses that covers the entire field of view. The glasses are stereoscopic and display a separate image for each eye, giving three-dimensionality and depth perception. 

What you see is your smartphone, which is inserted into the glasses. The VR glasses (i.e. your phone) sense how you move your head, making you able to look in all directions without breaking the illusion. You also need headphones, as the sound is an important part of the concert experience.  

How to get VR-glasses? 

VR glasses are offered in many forms; from professional versions that costs hundreds of dollars, to simple cardboard versions that will be yours for only a few dollars. 

The easiest way to acquire a pair of VR glasses is to search the web for “VR glasses” to get a list of suppliers. 

Alternatively, Google supplies this comprehensive list of suppliers for the most reasonable VR-glasses: Google Cardboard Viewers  


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