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The musical equivalent of blindfolded bungee-jumping

In Hydro we are as passionate about innovation and technology as a-ha. When the legendary pop band had the bold idea to create the world’s first full-scale virtual reality concert, we jumped at the opportunity to be part of it.

Experience a-ha in VR 

On May 19, you will be able to experience a-ha in a unique way. By simply strapping on a pair of VR goggles and accessing Hydro’s YouTube-channel with your smartphone, you will be able to to “be on stage” with Morten Harket and enjoy the band’s timeless hits in front of thousands of screaming fans. A taste of the concert is available on YouTube on May 12th. 

"New technology offers fantastic possibilities in the arts- and entertainment sector, and we are happy to take a small part in this pioneering spirit by venturing into untested territory," says a-ha’s Magne Furuholmen. 

Packed with special effects 

A selection of concerts from the bands’ recent “Cast in Steel”-tour have been filmed in 3D and with 360-degree cameras, with the special Afterglow-concert in Oslo Spektrum, as the main contribution to what will be a full-scale virtual reality concert. 


The Afterglow show was packed with unique special effects – and nothing like the “regular” Cast in Steel-concerts. It was all filmed, to turn it into an unforgettable virtual reality experience – available to everyone. 

The musical equivalent of blindfolded bungee-jumping 

"It is extremely healthy for us as a band to throw ourselves into unchartered waters and dare to experiment. It was certainly very scary to turn a well-oiled organism pretty much on its head and try to renew ourselves on the fly. As we really had no chance to rehearse this setting, it felt like the musical equivalent of blindfolded bungee-jumping to go out on stage with VR cameras and a unique one-off show in the middle of a smooth-running tour,” Furuholmen said after completing the Afterglow show.

The world screams for VR content 

All the taped VR material is currently being finalized by Wonderworld, a company that specialized in developing, producing and distributing VR content. 

"It’s the first time a whole concert will be made in VR and we have a lot of material to work through. The end result, however, will be fantastic. As a viewer you will be able to choose whether you want to watch the show from the front row, the VIP section or from the stage. 


"This is the future. This is how we will start consuming media now that VR is  accessible, high-quality and cheap. The world is screaming for more content, and we are happy to take part in this bold project with a-ha and Hydro," says Simon Romanus, CEO and Founder of Wonderworld.