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Since its founding, the operation has been a pioneer in technology and product development, and is currently fully committed to the reuse of aluminium as the metal of the future. 

While the plant first created a modest Norwegian export success based on aluminium fish tins, it is first and foremost the focus on recycling that has been an important part of its success since the 1990s.

"Hydro Holmestrand is a part of Norwegian industrial history. While politicians and others have for decades talked about the need to refine more Norwegian natural resources in Norway, Hydro Holmestrand has done just that: refined aluminium, created new products, and developed, renewed and improved," says Svein Richard Brandtzæg, President & CEO of Hydro.

Since its inception, the operation has been central to research and development of aluminium products in Norway. The goal today is to develop and secure Hydro Holmestrand's position as Europe's leading rolling mill based on recycled aluminium.

It is primarily the use and recycling of products that make aluminium a "green" material, and the plant produces about 90,000 tonnes of rolled products based on recycled aluminium annually.

"When many people today talk about 'the green shift', we've been there for many years already," says plant manager Anneli Nesteng. “But we don't stop there. We press on, and are constantly taking new steps. We're convinced that aluminium is the metal of the future. And we are confident that the expertise built up in Holmestrand over 100 years will help strengthen the company, the jobs and the community of which we are a part.”

In this jubilee year, she has been given the responsibility to lead Hydro Holmestrand and its400 employees through "the green shift" towards the next 100 years.

Centenary celebration  

On Saturday, December 9, Hydro Holmestrand opens its doors to employees, retirees and representatives of Norwegian industry and business to mark the centenary.

Saturday's program includes a fairy tale reading with the plant manager, music with the Hydro choir and presentation of the current products produced by Hydro Holmestrand.

On stage, Norwegian television personality Petter Schjerven will host a talk show where the guests are both new and well-experienced employees.

There will also be a reading from historian Kasper Søyland's new book about the plant's history, written to mark the centenary. The book, which evaluates the plant's development and role in the industry and local community, will be given out to employees and guests at the event. 

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