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Alunorte Rain Forest teams ready for kick-off at Norway Cup in Oslo

Thirty-five boys and girls on the Hydro-sponsored Alunorte Rain Forest teams from Brazil are ready for the time of their lives: Playing in the world's largest youth football tournament, which starts next week in Norway.

the alunorte rainforest teams

Since 2001, thousands of Brazilian teenagers have participated in the Hydro-sponsored program “Educação pra Gente” (Education for the People), which is aimed to motivate students to good behavior and to participate in school activities.

This year, one girls team and one boys team from the Alunorte Rain Forest club (ARF- 2018) have prepared to participate in Norway Cup, the biggest football tournament for young people in the world. The girls' and boys' teams are made up of 35 teenagers from various schools in the Barcarena district in Pará State, where Hydro owns the Alunorte alumina refinery.

Sports and education go hand in hand

The chance to go to the Norway Cup is a great experience for those who qualify. The competition to earn a place on the team is tough, with a lot of prestige involved. The pupils, aged between 13 and 16 years old, are assessed based on their football (soccer) skills, as well as their performance in school, including attendance and conduct.

When in Oslo, the students will have a cultural exchange that includes a visit to the Nobel Peace Center and research about violence in school. The knowledge acquired will be shared with the other students in Barcarena once they return to Brazil.

This year’s Rain Forest Team participation in Norway Cup will be the last, as Hydro is re-evaluating its CSR strategy and the “Educação pra Gente” program. With the intention of strengthening the results of the program, new initiatives will be rolled out in the local communities to make it possible to reach a higher number of beneficiaries in Brazil.

The new format will be presented in August and is based on the UN sustainable development goal aimed at achieving universal access to a quality higher education.

Norway Cup match details

  • The tournament’s opening ceremony will be on July 28, with the first qualifying matches played between July 29-31
  • During group play, the ARF girls team will play against Tertnes and Tromsø on July 30, then against Elverum on July 31
  • The boys team will face Charlottenlund on July 29, Søgne on July 30 and Hodd on July 31
  • The Norway Cup finals are scheduled for August 4