Our reforestation ambition

Our ambition is to return the land impacted by bauxite mining to the same or better state than before the mining.

In 2011, we assumed ownership and operatorship of the bauxite mine in Paragominas in the state of Pará, Brazil. The mine is in areas of secondary rainforest, which have been subject to logging and cattle grazing since the 1970s.

Our long-term aspiration for the rehabilitation work is to bring back as much of the original forest structure and biodiversity as feasible, compared to how it was before logging and agribusiness started in the area.

1:1 rehabilitation target

Our 1:1 rehabilitation target was last updated in 2017, meaning that over two hydrological cycles, we aim to rehabilitate the areas which have been mined and are available for rehabilitation. This is a rolling target and was reached in 2017 and 2018.

We also have a target to close the historical reforestation gap that existed in 2011, when we took over the mine, set to be achieved by 2020. Paragominas’ new tailing dams were completed in 2017. The old tailing dams need to settle for minimum five years before they will be available for rehabilitation. We will then get a new rehabilitation gap.

Brazilian-Norwegian research consortium BRC

As part of the efforts to reach the long-term aspiration, in 2013, we initiated and became a partner and major funder of the Brazilian-Norwegian research consortium BRC. BRC brings together Norwegian and Brazilian scientists to develop research on biodiversity and climate to ensure a scientific-based approach to rehabilitation.

The results and competence are also shared with other interested parties to help Brazil’s efforts to reach its climate targets set in The Paris Agreement.

Updated: December 6, 2018