Metals Pro Climate

Metals pro Climate is an initiative which presents and highlights the achievements and potential of the non-ferrous (NF) metals industry in climate protection, energy and resource efficiency. The initiative comprises some of the leading companies in the NF metal industry.

The industry’s savings potentials constitute an essential element of industrial measures and activities to combat global warming. The material properties of aluminium, copper, zinc and other NF-metals turn the metal-generating and -processing member companies of Metals pro Climate into indispensable climate protectors thanks to energy efficiency and CO2 savings in production, and durable and modern products linked with sustainable recycling.

Volker Backs, Managing Director of Hydro Rolled Products, is a members of the steering committee. Thomas Mock, Director Public Affairs in Rolled Products, is a representative member. Moritz Rank, Lead Communications & Public Affairs Business Partner Rolled Products, is a member of the communication´s action group. Hydro participates in projects and committees as appropriate. Financial contributions are given through ordinary membership fees.

Updated: March 21, 2018