Nobel Peace Prize Concert and Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Prize Concert has been held annually since 1994 on 11 December, one day after the date of Alfred Nobel's death, to honor the Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The award ceremony on 10 December takes place in the Oslo City Hall, while the concert is in the Telenor Arena, with the attendance of the laureate and other prominent guests. The arena receives approximately 8,000–10,000 guests and the concert is broadcast to over 100 countries. Hydro has supported the concert since the beginning, and currently contribute NOK 2 million per annum.

The Nobel Peace Center is the museum about the Nobel Peace Prize. Their permanent installations tell the story of Alfred Nobel and the Peace Prize laureates and their engaged and groundbreaking work. Their changing exhibitions provide insight into the fields of war, peace and conflict resolution, often presented in new and surprising ways. Hydro is one of the center’s main sponsors and has contributed annually with NOK 3 million since 2005.

Updated: March 21, 2018