Save the children Norway

Save the Children Norway (Redd Barna) was founded in 1946 and is a party-politically and religiously neutral non-governmental member organization. The NGO’s values are built upon the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Save the Children Norway works to promote children’s rights, provides relief and helps support children both locally, nationally and internationally.

Hydro has had a cooperative agreement with Save the Children Norway since 1987 and contributes annually with around NOK 1,6 million, consisting of NOK 1 million fixed contribution and a variable part depending on recycled cans, where Hydro gives 1 NOK per can that is recycled, and Christmas gift to the organization. The contribution is given partly as a donation through Hydro’s annual Christmas present to its employees and partly through the income of the recycling of Hydro’s own drinking cans.

Updated: March 21, 2018