Biodiversity Research Consortium Brazil-Norway (BRC)

To increase our knowledge and to secure a science-based approach, the Biodiversity Research Consortium Brazil - Norway (BRC) was established in 2013. BRC consists of the University of Oslo, Norway, and its Brazilian partners Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, Federal University of Pará and Federal Rural University of the Amazon in addition to Hydro. The scope of the consortium is to create a research program connected to our mining operations. The aim is to strengthen Hydro's ability to preserve the natural biodiversity of the areas where we mine bauxite. BRC was further strengthened in January 2016 through a new research collaboration agreement between the Research Council of Norway and the state of Pará.

Hydro’s Head of HSE & CSR in B&A, Domingos Campos is a board member. Hydro participates in projects as appropriate. On the Scientific Committee, Hydro is represented by Environmental Manager B&A Gizelia Matos and VP Corporate HSE, Bernt Malme.

Hydro has a Consortium agreement with UiO, UFPA, UFRA and Museo Emilio Goeldi. Hydro has committed to projects with the various scientists amounting to about NOK 30 million over a four year period. In addition Hydro has a Partnership Agreement with UiO providing support in establishing and managing the BRC.

Updated: March 21, 2018