Openness, dialogue and cooperation are essential in making business more transparent. This is why we daily address these issues with our partners, suppliers and 35,000 employees.

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We consider fighting corruption part of our social responsibility. We conduct our business in all corners of the world and are committed to playing a constructive role in society. Corruption must be weeded out. We expect our employees to act responsibly with their colleagues, business partners and society as a whole.

We have no illusions about the fact that some of our colleagues could make a mistake. Therefore, we deliver active training, including dilemma training, on the threats posed by corruption, how we can be tempted, and on the company's behalf or our own, perhaps become involved in corruption.

Getting control over corruption is only possible through cooperation between a wide range of participants: governments, the industry and NGOs. One of these NGOs is Transparency International - a politically and economically independent organization that works to eliminate corruption.

Transparency International has worked with Hydro for many years to develop guidelines based on best practices for ethical business.

Updated: October 3, 2016