On the runway with extrusions!

Commissioned by Safegate, one of the world’s leading suppliers of airport equipment, Profillack in Örnsköldsvik manufactures airport signs with a frame and fastening components of aluminium extrusions.

March 2, 2009
The new generation of signboards – Safe-sign – meets stringent demands and safety requirements. On the one hand, the signboards should be stably made and mounted as well as withstanding wind loads of up to 90 m/sec, but on the other hand should be able to give way when hit by an aircraft without damaging the aircraft. Operational requirements also demand a moisture- and rainproof design that facilitates service and maintenance.

Long development process

The new airport signboards use aluminium extrusions in things like the frames, locks and internal mounting components, footings and rods. The design was developed in close cooperation between Safegate, Profillack and Hydro Aluminium Profiler. The footings and hollow rod mountings proved to be a challenge. A long development process with advanced statistical calculations and tests finally solved the problem using so-called breakaway connections of aluminium extrusions that consist of a combination of clamp fixtures and pipes with snap locks. 

Service friendly

The signboards’ frames consist of aluminium extrusions designed to facilitate assembly as well as internal fastening, component connections and installing electronics. The box can easily be opened giving access for service using a hinge extrusion.

The new Safesign series replaces an earlier variant that was also made of aluminium extrusions. The new design has however reduced the weight by almost half as well as improving performance and features. The various extrusions used in the design also mean shorter manufacturing times and easier installation.

Updated: October 11, 2016