Fact sheet: Hydro in Qatar

Hydro’s work in Qatar and partnership with the State of Qatar dates back to 1969.

April 9, 2010

In 1969, a joint venture was signed between the two parties to produce ammonia and urea. Qatar Fertilizer Company (Qafco) in Mesaieed has undergone three expansions and is the largest fertilizer factory in the world.

Hydro was also part-owner in Qatar Vinyl Company (QVC), which produces raw materials for the petrochemical industry. Hydro no longer owns interests in Qafco or QVC, after having spun off its fertilizer business – Yara International – as a separately stock-listed company in 2004 and divesting its petrochemical activities in 2007.

Hydro and Qatar Petroleum are 50-50 partners in Qatalum, which is one of the largest aluminium plants ever launched. The plant has annual capacity of 585,000 tonnes of primary aluminium, all shipped as value-added aluminium casthouse products. The plant produced its first metal in December 2009 and is ramping up toward full production during 2010.

Hydro Qatar Technology Centre is established in Qatar Science and Technology Park to support Hydro and Qatalum with technical service combined with research activities and technology development related to operations in the Gulf region and in a multicultural organization.

Hydro and Qatalum together are financing a three year program to develop a new faculty chair at the Qatar University’s Engineering Department in aluminium.

Hydro Building Systems has established an office in Doha to serve the growing markets for building solutions in Qatar and the Gulf region.

Updated: October 11, 2016