Powerhouse wants to add expertise to energy-positive building project

The Powerhouse alliance, which includes Hydro, is looking for companies with expertise to participate in the development of Norway's first energy-positive commercial building. The building will be located at Brattørkaia in Trondheim.

October 5, 2011

"To be able to set new standards and build energy-positive buildings, it is imperative that we have access to as much expertise as possible, as early as possible. This is why we are inviting companies with competence and experience within technical consulting and management systems for buildings to present themselves to the partners in Powerhouse," says project manager Carl Henrik Borchsenius.

He says the alliance will begin receiving visits from potential companies starting next week.

Powerhouse plans to bring in expertise that can be relevant for the alliance's first project at Brattørkaia in Trondheim as well as for new, future projects. At a later date, the alliance will add competence related to the power grid for heating and electricity.

The Powerhouse alliance wants to develop commercial buildings that in the course of the buildings' life produce more renewable energy than consumed during the production of building materials, construction, operation and ultimate disposal of the buildings' components.

Powerhouse is an alliance that includes Entra Eiendom, the general contractor Skanska, architects Snøhetta, the environmental organization ZERO, and the aluminium company Hydro. The alliance will challenge existing construction conventions and develop groundbreaking concepts for energy-positive buildings under commercial conditions.

About 40 percent of the world's energy demand goes to the construction and operation of buildings.

Updated: October 11, 2016