Ornago employees lend hand to quake victims

Three months ago, an earthquake shook the lives of thousands in the Italian region of Emilia. Hydro employees at the extrusion plant in Ornago – some 150 kilometers away – have responded by donating food, clothes and money to the victims.

August 29, 2012

A terrible earthquake on May 20 in the beautiful Emilia region, which is located north of Bologna in the center of Italy, resulted in 26 deaths and devastated houses, factories, schools and the lives of thousands of frightened people. Later, when the fear and the dust fade, it's time for reconstruction and support.

The workers of the Hydro plant in Ornago, which also felt some of the effects of the earthquake, got together and decided to do something visible and concrete for the victims. Each employee donated food, clothes and money, and the company contributed as well.

Once the goods were gathered, a group of workers, together with friends and spouses, traveled down with trucks to personally deliver groceries and field tents to the affected population.

The employees organized everything, says managing director Luca Bertola, and they wanted to travel to the destroyed areas themselves to bring solidarity and to tell the people "we are here with you to share your sorrow and to help you to rebuild your trust in the future.

"It makes me extremely proud of my workers because they really showed what it means to support and help other unfortunate human beings. It was much more than simply transferring some money to a bank account, it was a gesture of real and warm sympathy toward other people, it was social responsibility in practice. Our workers walked the talk of two of Hydro's very important values, cooperation and respect."

Updated: October 11, 2016