Hydro already a winner in World Cup in Brazil

Whoever wins the World Cup soccer championship at the Maracaña Stadium in Rio de Janeiro next year, Hydro is already satisfied with one result - aluminium in the stadium.

May 8, 2013

Hydro has supplied 50 metric tons of aluminium extrusions to the legendary soccer stadium, which also hosts mega-concerts by superstars like KISS, Madonna, A-ha and The Rolling Stones.

Before long, the world’s best soccer players will take over the stage in the gigantic stadium complex, where the upgrading work is nearly complete.

In June, the FIFA Confederations Cup will be played there, and next year it will be the World Cup. But it won’t be the on-field action that most interests Hydro’s top management.

“Aluminium in the stadium is almost as good as having '12 men on the field',” says President and CEO Svein Richard Brandtzæg.

Brandtzæg will be watching the World Cup broadcast closely, maybe catching a glimpse of the façades and entry portals made of aluminium from Hydro’s plant in Itú outside of São Paulo.

“Of course it’s great to supply aluminium solutions to Brazil’s biggest stadium. Nearly 80,000 enthusiastic fans will be there during the World Cup final next year, and we are proud to deliver a light, yet strong, contribution to this fantastic gathering,” says Brandtzæg.

World-record audience

The arena was built for the world soccer championship in 1950. A record 199,854 spectators turned out that year for Uruguay’s 2-1 victory over Brazil. The arena was reconstructed later, and a demand for more seating means that the number of spectators will be considerably fewer at next year’s event.

Hydro has also supplied aluminium solutions to two other venues in Brazil: the Arena Pernambuco in Recife, which will also host World Cup games, and the Roberto Santos stadium in Salvador, which will host some of the Confederations Cup games this year.

Updated: October 11, 2016