Hydro and aluminium at the World Cup

Saturday, May 24, is the premiere of Norwegian artist Adelén's new music video of the World Cup song "Olé." In it you can see boys from the Hydro-sponsored Alunorte Rain Forest soccer team do some amazing tricks with aluminium cans.

May 23, 2014

The video was shot in Rio de Janeiro with 17-year-old Adelén, who is half Spanish and half Norwegian. Eight students from the project "Bola pra Frente, Educação pra Gente" (Never Give Up, Education For The People) based in Hydro Alunorte, went with their coach Alberto Muller from Belém to Rio to be in the video.

Adelén dancing

Important connection

Through Adelén's contribution to this year's World Cup album, Hydro in Norway and Brazil showcase the program which improves the lives of young people in the northern state of Pará, where Hydro has considerable operations in aluminium production.

Head of brand manager Hanne Haugen in Hydro sees this as a great opportunity to connect with the younger generation.

"By participating in one of the world's biggest sporting events we get the opportunity to communicate to a huge audience. We want to set the focus on aluminium and recycling, as well as our partnership to improve living conditions for young people in Belém," 
says Haugen. 

Trick your way to the World Cup

June 1 is the kickoff of a power packed campaign organized by Hydro in cooperation with Oslo radio station NRJ and Norsk Resirk. During the summer it will be possible to win a trip to Brazil to experience the World Cup up close - just by doing some tricks.

Hydro, together with NRJ, will be running an Instagram contest where contestants will perform tricks with an aluminium drink can. There will be bonus points if a recycling element can be added to the trick video. The winner gets to take a friend to Brazil to watch the World Cup quarter-finals.

We are hoping for some spectacular tricks, and a fun contest that raises awareness about Hydro and aluminium," says Haugen.

The music video is the creation of leading video producer Ray Kay, whose client list includes Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber.

Updated: September 12, 2016