New insights and networking for our Graduates and Trainees

Twenty of our newly recruited young professionals gathered early in June for the Young Professionals Network Gathering - the second part of Hydro's Graduate- and Trainee program. This session is specifically tailored for our newly recruited university hires.

July 15, 2015
Image of tewenty trainees posing with sombrero hats
Image of Stefanie Buschbeck
Stefanie Buschbeck, HR Trainee. As part of her trainee program, Buschbeck has been on a four-week rotation, working with Corporate HR in Oslo.

"For me the Network Gathering has been a great platform in establishing my Hydro-network at an international level. I really appreciated taking part in the event, being updated on the latest strategic topics by successful leaders and having the opportunity to learn from the experiences they’ve had in their professional life", Says Stefanie Buschbeck, HR Trainee at Grevenbroich, Germany.

The Graduate and trainee program

Our Graduate- & Trainee program is the structured onboarding program for newly recruited university graduates and we provide two common sessions for the Graduate- & Trainee program combined.

"We wish to prepare our graduates in stepping into high-level responsibility roles in the future, and to enable a platform for networking across business areas, and this is what our graduate and trainee program reflects", says Karamjit Singh, Head of People Resourcing.

Hydro Fundamentals is the first session where our graduates and trainees engage in a four-day onboarding program along with other newly recruited Hydro employees. The second program is the Young Professionals Network Gathering, where we gather only our graduate hires to give an update on the strategic direction of Hydro, our technology agenda, provide career development tips and enable a platform for networking internationally.

A diversity of competence

This year’s group represented a great variety of competence; from internal audit, to scrap purchasing and PMT cell design, and the group had a 55/45 ratio of women and men.

According to ‘Karrierebarometeret’, Hydro ends up in sixth place over the most attractive trainee/graduate programs for engineering students in Norway.

Hydro has a continued focus on improving our Graduate and Trainee program and to use employer branding efforts to communicate what we offer to our student target groups.

Updated: September 22, 2016