Hydro 'eternalizes' a-ha in virtual reality

Hydro, with its 110 years of industrial history, is today a modern and innovative aluminium company that belongs to the future.

May 2, 2016
Image of Aha on stage
Just as aluminium is eternally renewable, we will now help make one of the legendary pop band a-ha's concerts eternally available, in virtual reality.

Image of VR glasses
Photo: Halvor Molland

VR is one of the major technology trends in 2016, and it has never before been possible to recreate the feeling of being somewhere else so completely. We want to share this feeling with you. This unique experience will be created by Void, a computational design studio, and available to everyone through our YouTube channel from May 19. A taste from the concert is available on YouTube on May 12.

All you need is a smartphone and VR glasses, and you can experience the feeling of being in the audience - or even on stage beside vocalist Morten Harket.

See the link in the right-hand column for more information on VR technology and how to acquire VR glasses.

Updated: September 8, 2016