Site rememberance

The Kurri Kurri smelter has been a part of the local landscape and a part of many people’s lives for decades. Hydro wants to help the community remember the smelter’s place in the history of the region.

In August 2015 Hydro put a call out for interested people to tell us how they think this can be achieved. The general consensus was to establish a mural. A small committee of interested locals was established to lead the mural process, such as the design and location, to incorporate the values and ideas of the community into the process and overall outcome.

What will the mural look like?

The committee has a collection of ideas about what the mural will look like; however, we are still interested in hearing yours. There may be limitations in terms of the size and scale of the mural due to cost, planning approvals, and the current site plans but all ideas will be considered.

The committee has held several meetings and agreed that the mural will feature key visual reminders of the smelting history on the site. It is also considering the most appropriate location for the mural.

Updated: November 26, 2016