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Access our Design Manual

If you wish to use aluminium extrusions, the Hydro Design Manual is the best resource in the industry. Get your own aluminium bible for free.

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The updated fifth edition of the aluminium extrusion manual is available to you in nine languages. You can access it online, or as an app for your phone or tablet through App Store or Google Play.

Technical information about aluminium

Hydro's design manual includes information about designing with aluminium, alloy selection, joining, profile tolerances, surface quality and treatment, machining, corrosion, structural calculations and much more.

Since the first edition in 1980, the Hydro Design Manual has been continuously updated and made available to customers, architects, designers, engineers and students who are eager to learn more about aluminium and aluminium extrusions. The manual includes photographs, illustrations, tables and technical information.

Helping you develop

We offer you technical and application development support from all of our manufacturing plants. We also have specialized engineering teams at R&D centers in Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the United States.

The Design Manual is available in nine languages.

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