Aluminium cans for food

Optimum protection – without affecting taste. High-quality food cans must fulfil a number of functions. The cans must afford adequate protection to the contents, they must promote sale of the product, and they must be easy to handle for the consumer.

Aluminium cans for food

Key features

  • Deep-drawn cans, lids and tabs can be produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Our plant in Holmestrand, Norway, provides flexibility in planning production runs and a wider range of gauges and widths. 
  •  The coatings used are selected according to the end use and the expected shelf life of the filled cans.
  • Apart from the exterior gold and clear lacquers, two different systems can be supplied as a base coat for printing, either a size coat, or a white polyester coating.
  • The latest UV-curing inks can be used.
  • All the interior coatings are certified and approved in accordance with the migration values set by the American FDA, and the Resolution AP (96) 5 of the Council of Europe.
  • None of our coatings are formulated with, or are raw materials containing BFDGE or Bisphenol-F knowingly added to our products.

Application areas

  • Food cans

Updated: October 11, 2016