Beverage cans

Hydro is a major worldwide supplier of body, end and tab stock in the form of rolled coil for the production of aluminium beverage cans. We are committed to serving the beverage can market, and is investing in that future.

Beverage cans in aluminium

Key features

  • With our world-class production facilities, extensive technical know-how and experienced development support, we ensure the delivery of high-quality materials to meet can manufacturers’ specific requirements.
  • Our Grevenbroich Plant in Germany – one of the most modern fully integrated processing facilities in the world – is dedicated to the production of end stock.

Custom design

  • efficiEND® – Hydro’s proprietary end stock – boasts world-class quality which ensures maximum productivity and leads to cost-effective performance in beverage can-end manufacture. efficiEND® gives customers the following advantages:
    - Production flexibility with coil widths up to 2 m
    - Proven results for all gauges and all types of end-making lines
    - On-site end making pilot line for development tasks and technical support
    - Innovative materials with surface properties ideal for brand promotion and product differentiation.

Application areas

  • Beverage cans

Updated: October 11, 2016