Ceiling systems

Hydro supplies a broad range of coated aluminium products, specially designed to provide a long aesthetic life in a wide variety of ceiling systems.

Roof made of aliminium

Key features

  • We produce aluminium semis in different thicknesses and lacquer coatings for all types of ceiling cladding products.
  • We place great emphasis on the use of environmentally compatible materials and processes throughout our entire production chain.
  • The low weight of aluminium enables the cost-efficient cladding of larger ceiling areas and avoids the need for expensive support structures.
  • Alubend, a new generation of lacquer-coated aluminium, is able to reduce material thickness by up to 10 percent, with unchanged formability and rigidity guaranteed.
  • The running-meter advantage, which results from this reduction in thickness, makes this alloy the product of choice for the future.

Custom design

  • Our range of colors gives greater design freedom for the fashioning of individual solutions.
  • All ceiling systems can be matched harmoniously to their surroundings.

Application areas

  • Ceiling and cladding products.




Updated: August 10, 2016