Aluminium doors and general applications

In Hydro’s state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, quality assurance and environmental protection rightfully belong together. We draw on extensive know-how, accumulated over many years, to give customers support in the development of their products.

Aluminium doors and general applications

Key features

  • The coating used may be one of the standard Hydrocoat systems, or a coating formulated to have the required properties for a particular use.
  • For decorative purposes, a range of standard colors and special colors, as well as the full range of gloss levels are available in most coating types.
  • A lacquer coating is normally applied to the reverse side of the coil and this may have compatibility with normal insulating foams, as well as with typical bonding adhesives.
  • Customers are recommended to confirm compatibility with the particular bonding or foaming system used with samples that we are ready to provide.
  • The reverse coating also acts as a protector to the front coating, reducing the risk of pressure and metal marking, and as a lubricant in the forming process.

Application areas

  • Industrial doors, private homes
  • Bonding applications
  • Finstock, heat recovery systems
  • Tunnel cladding

Updated: August 10, 2016