Aluminium insulation and cable foil

The barrier properties and heat reflectivity of aluminium foil are widely used in building panels to improve insulation performance in modern building systems.

Aluminium insulation and cable foil

Key features

  • Aluminium foil is used as a skin for heat-insulating and incombustible materials to provide high performance insulation for pipe work and ducting.
  • The adhesive tape used to secure the laminated material is based on aluminium foil or its reflective surface, corrosion-resistance and long life.
  • In electrical cables, aluminium foil helps give long-term insulation against moisture and attack from naturally occurring corrosive elements found above and below ground.
  • Aluminium foil also acts as an insulator against the magnetic and radio frequency emissions associated with electrical cables.
  • As a sheath for fiber-optic cables, aluminium foil uses its electrical conductivity to act as a “tracer” to enable testing of the integrity of cable links – as well as helping to provide the long-term protection every cable needs.
  • In fire walls for vehicles and fireproof doors and building panels, aluminium foil stops access to the oxygen required to support flames.

Application areas

  • Fire walls
  • Fire doors
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Electrical cables

Updated: August 11, 2016