Aluminium rainwater guttering systems

Hydro is a major supplier of coated aluminium coil and factory coated aluminium coil has been used in rainwater guttering systems for more than 20 years in many parts of the world.

Aluminium rainwater guttering systems

Key features

  • Roll-forming the gutter in one length at the time of installation eliminates the risk of leaks and pre-installation damage.
  • End caps and corner miters are generally pressed from the same type of coated coil to ensure uniformity of color and appearance.
  • Downspouts and associated units are also fabricated from coated aluminium coil, although other materials for these parts are also commonly used.

Custom design

  • The coil is usually coated on both sides with the same coating system, often in different color combinations. This allows the customer the flexibility to select either color for the decorative face of the installation, while giving added performance on the inside of the gutter.

Application areas

  • Guttering systems

Updated: August 11, 2016