Suldal I

Suldal I power plant
  • Hydro's ownership: 95.2 %
  • Installed capacity: 169 MW
  • Production: 960 GWh / year*
  • Number of generators: 2

*Hydro's share of production

Suldal I is part of the Røldal / Suldal development, where power was originally produced for Hydro's aluminium plant in Karmøy.

Power from Suldal is transmitted over separate lines to Karmøy. With up to 1 250 workers on the job simultaneously, the hydropower plants Suldal I, Røldal, Suldal II, Novle and Kvanndal were constructed one after the other. The Svandalsflona and Middyr power stations were built later.

The Røldal / Suldal power plants have a catchment area of 793 square kilometers and a reservoir capacity of 833 million cubic meters.

Suldal I began operating in 1965 and produces hydropower using a water drop of 300 meters from Røldalsvannet down to the plant where two Francis turbines are driven.

Suldal I and II are the lowest lying power plants in the area.

Updated: April 7, 2016