Tyin power plant
  • Hydro's ownership: 100%
  • Installed capacity: 374 MW
  • Production: 1 573 GWh / year
  • Number of generators: 2

Tyin is Hydro's biggest power station, with a catchment area of 387 square kilometers and a reservoir capacity of 369 million cubic meters.

Work on the Tyin power plant started back in 1910.

When power generation started at Tyin in 1944, it formed part of the foundation for aluminium production in Årdal.

A totally new and improved Tyin power station opened in 2004. The new Tyin now releases its water directly into Årdalsvannet, while still using Lake Tyin as its main reservoir.
Tyin generates electricity from a water drop of 1040 meters and two Pelton turbines.

Hydro works closely with the national park administration in area that includes both Tyin and Fortun, and in recent years we have undertaken a major effort to clean up after earlier construction.

Updated: April 6, 2016