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Light poles

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Aesthetics and lighting combined in a special light pole

A light pole on the Havenplein in the Netherlands is attracting attention during both day and night.

In Sint-Annaland, in the municipality of Tholen, the new Suzannaland housing estate is a combination of residential homes and apartments in a district that is accessed from one side by the Havenplein. This outdoor square forms the connection to the old village, offers a view of the harbor and provides access onto the grand staircase to the Havenweg.

The Havenplein also offers parking spaces – and its existing lighting column was simply not sufficient. Of course, this created an opportunity: The chance to develop something that would meet the lighting needs of the public space and also give it something special. A real eye-catcher, day or night.

Light poles in Tholen, Netherlands

Schréder and Hydro Pole Products joined forces to meet the wishes of the municipality and do just that.

Aluminium column tree

Schréder, considered an expert in lightability, decided on “column tree” from its Puntila series. Marco Poot was involved in the project on behalf of the municipality of Tholen, as its officer for public spaces.

"We made a choice based on our wishes in terms of light quality, but also aesthetics,” he says. “We can point the fixtures on this pole to different angles. In this way, you get beautifully spread lighting, also on the stairs to the Havenweg, which were previously in darkness.”

Because the municipality wanted a sustainable solution, it wanted the tree to be made of aluminium. As a result, Hydro was asked to support in the project.

Light and shadow create original light effects

The Puntila tree was one of three proposals that Schréder designed and submitted to the municipality. The pole combines a special design with solid technical properties.

Light poles in Tholen, Netherlands

The tree consists of three conical poles with brackets made of curved profiles, carrying nine Puntila fixtures. Its brilliant interplay of light and shadow creates original light effects. Hydro manufactured the tree.

"A number of suppliers have been accredited by us to produce this pole. But when it comes to aluminium, it is Hydro,” says John van der Vlies of Schréder.

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