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The ground level protector

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The Ground Level Protector – an important piece of light pole

Often, when purchasing light poles, the obvious focus is on things like design, numbers and final cost. But to ensure the durability and quality of light poles, it is important not to overlook one crucial, and perhaps underappreciated, element during this process, namely: the ground level protector. Read more about this not-to-be-forgotten component.

Creating the light pole - a precise process

Once the production process is initiated at Hydro, a precisely mapped out path is followed. From casting the billets, extruding the tubes, to conifying the poles, and possible surface treatments. In other words, from the creation of the light pole itself to the finishing touches that must protect the material.

No surface treatment is applied to the majority of the aluminum poles Hydro supplies because they naturally form a thin but effective oxide layer that prevents further oxidation. However, powder coating or other forms of surface treatment may be chosen for aesthetic reasons or if there are specific requirements for the pole in relation to the public environment in which it will be placed. Our light poles are therefore not only available in standard colors, but on request also in special colors for your project. 

An underrated player

Why is the ground level protector so important? The name says it all: light poles are still too often damaged during mowing activities. But protecting against above-ground work is not its only function. Especially in sensitive areas, such as places with contaminated soil, dog walking areas and other areas where damage at ground level can easily occur, there is an increased risk that the underground part of the pole will be damaged prematurely.

Therefore, the ground level protector serves to properly isolate the corrosion resistant tape, and with it the underground portion of the pole, and protect it from this type of damage. It is made of recycled polypropylene and is also UV-stabilized. The solution of anti-corrosion tape in combination with Hydro's ground level protector is a certified solution, tested by an external party, and offers durable protection. In addition, the ground level protector prevents damage when placing the pole in pavement and is also very user friendly due to its convenient click system.

Durable protection

Not only does a ground level protector provide a solid and well-protected base, which benefits the life of the pole, but it also contributes to an overall more sustainable outcome. All of our light poles and ground level protectors are cradle to cradle certified. This means that our products are made from environmentally friendly and healthy materials that are intended for recycling in the technical cycle. Not only have the poles been developed with waste reduction in mind, but the ground level protectors are also easy to disassemble so that they can be returned to the cycle at the end of their life.

So when purchasing your light poles, don't lose sight of the mowing field protector. This underappreciated and easily overlooked player not only makes poles more aesthetically pleasing, but also offers many benefits in terms of protection, longevity and overall durability of your light poles.

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