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Reducing the carbon footprint of a stroller with Hydro REDUXA

The popular Swedish stroller manufacturer Emmaljunga is choosing our low-carbon aluminium, Hydro REDUXA. We think they are setting a great example for other companies – and coming generations.

Jennie Rutgersson
By Jennie Rutgersson, Extruded Solutions in Hydro

Since the start of Emmaljunga in 1925, the company has been driven by a strong social ethos – a duty for a common good, both locally and globally, to ensure that they’re doing what they can to ensure a sustainable future.

Emmaljunga is sharply focused on reducing carbon emissions, and their choice of Hydro REDUXA – our low-carbon aluminium extrusion ingot produced with renewable power – is helping them to reach their climate goals faster.

As the manufacturer of carriages for babies and infants, safety and quality were top values from the start. Sustainability followed, and Emmaljunga believes this value is just as important to their customers.

When it comes to the decision to use Hydro REDUXA in Emmaljunga’s new NXT line, the company wanted to strengthen its commitment to low-carbon materials. Hydro REDUXA suited the qualities of the product line and bolstered its low-carbon bottom line.

The market has changed, too, meaning customers are starting to reward companies like Emmaljunga for choosing low-carbon materials. Climate change is now a topic throughout society, not least for parents thinking about the future of their young loved ones, and Emmaljunga’s products meet that need.

Emmaljunga says it went looking for some of the most sustainably produced aluminium, and landed on Hydro REDUXA.

The company also puts a premium on close collaboration with its suppliers – and the traceability of the materials going into their products – believing that each step every player in the team makes towards a cleaner world benefits everyone, and in the end, the whole planet.

Hydro REDUXA has dozens of applications, and can help a wide variety of companies reach their climate goals.

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