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Indrė Žilinskė

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Meet Indrė: ‘Step out of your comfort zone and just go for it’

Indrė Žilinskė, 28, is an intern in Hydro’s Investor Relations department, an experience she describes as “priceless.”


Druskininkai, Lithuania


I am a second-year student in MSc in Business, Major in Finance at BI Norwegian Business School

Job and location in Hydro

Intern at the Investor Relations department in Oslo.

Indrė Žilinskė


At my third week of the internships, I have already been exposed to many different types of tasks ranging from basic financial modeling to organization of both internal and external meetings. I started my internship by helping Hydro update the relevant investor information on different platforms and have recently worked on a short project during which I analyzed Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR and compared the listed best practices against the Hydro’s current ones to provide suggestions for possible improvements.

In addition to shorter term projects, I am also comparing Norsk Hydro's practices against a current set of "ESG best practices" to identify areas for improvement.


I am thrilled by the opportunity to be a part of such a talented, experienced, and well-functioning team here at IR where I receive constant feedback – this is a priceless experience to me personally. I am allowed to participate in important meetings and see how strategic decisions are being made, which is an unbelievable experience in such an early stage of my career.


From the very first day, the investor relations team and other colleagues are taking good care of me, always ensuring that the internship meets my expectations. In addition to constant support from IR team, I have lunch and hang out with other interns at Hydro, which lets me connect to people working in other departments as well.


In general, the IR position is broad, including a combination of strategic thinking and decision making. In addition, it requires good project management skills, a basic understanding of laws and regulations, and overall financial and industry understanding. These are all areas where my knowledge has greatly developed over the course of my internship, even though I am only halfway through to completing it.


My current goal is to bring the knowledge, experience, and ideas that I acquire throughout this journey back to my home country, where my dream is to run a hospitality business while being a thoughtful leader. In addition, I want to contribute to the development of my hometown, work towards sustainability and support various organizations like local sports teams. 

What would you say to someone thinking about working for Hydro?

I would advise to step out of your comfort zone and just go for it because if you really want it, you will achieve it!

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