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Madelen Ølmheim at aluminium plant in Husnes, Norway

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Meet Madelen: ‘Very good and inclusive work environment’

Madelen Ølmheim, 28, started as an apprentice in the aluminium plant at Husnes, Norway, 10 years ago, and likes that challenges have given opportunities for continuous development ever since.


I am from a small place outside Bergen called Holsnøy. I moved to Kvinnherad 10 years ago when I got an apprenticeship at Hydro Husnes.


Knarvik High School: TIP (technology and industrial production) – specialization in chemistry and Chemical process – Certificate as a process operator

Job and location in Hydro

I work shifts in electrolysis as a process operator and also as a step-in for the area manager. I have recently become an apprentice ambassador, where we work with the recruitment of apprentices.


We have varied working days where we monitor the operation of the furnaces in the electrolysis halls, make measurements, tap metal, change anodes and correct furnace deviations. We are constantly facing new challenges that must be solved.


We have a very nice team at work, we have a very good and inclusive work environment. We mostly work in teams, something I enjoy very much.


As a newcomer to Kvinnherad, I have also met many new friends at work. We try to find social gatherings in our free time. Right now it is a natural dampener on just that due to Corona, but we are very much looking forward to being able to resume the social part when that time comes. We have had both trips abroad and domestic trips and look forward to the next trip together someday.


I started as an apprentice 10 years ago and took a trade certificate after 2 years. I'm still evolving and constantly learning something new. There is room for lots of learning and development if you are open to it. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to be a step-in for the area manager, who has given me lots of new knowledge, experience and responsibility.


My goal right now is to one day become an area manager in shifts.

Working in Hydro

I would recommend Hydro as a workplace. It is a safe and exciting job where you get the opportunity to develop.

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