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Raise-and-lower poles create a safe environment for work

Why are we still working at heights, when it is the second-largest cause of death for workers? And when there are alternatives? Scotland TranServ has an alternative solution that can help you.

Scotland TranServ manages and maintains more than 600 kilometers of the trunk road and motorway network across the southwestern region of Scotland.

Their road safety team has put into place raise-and-lower poles for the vehicle-activated signs situated on their network. The poles were designed to eliminate the need for working at height when erecting, cleaning or maintaining the signs, which are usually accessed for bulb replacements, fixing faults and so forth.

Using such poles also eliminates the need for temporary traffic management, which causes less disruption to road users and reduces the risk to members of the public.

a parking lot with cars

“What we can learn is the importance of adopting the basics of ‘safety by design’ and of challenging the norm, to make simple changes that can have a big impact in helping to eliminate risk,” says Vincent Tait, who is road safety manager for Scotland TranServ.

Aluminium poles meet BS EN 12767

Aluminium raise-and-lower poles are designed to help companies carry out installation and maintenance work safely, quickly and cost efficiently. The poles meet the standard required by BS EN 12767. 

a sign on the side of a road

Coeval delivered the signs and electronical applications, and installed the poles along the A78 at Montfode, on the north Ayrshire coast. Atop the columns are solar-powered pedestrian detectors, along with a box which houses interface cards and wireless transceivers. When pedestrians are detected, a signal is transmitted that activates a message on the sign.

“A low-level access door, combined with the raise-and-lower facility, allows installation and ongoing  maintenance to be carried out without the engineer needing either a ladder or a lifting platform,” says operations director Gordon Stitt of Coeval.

“Every accident from falls is one too many. We can avoid them by using Hydro’s raise-and-lower solution.”

In addition to removing the dangers associated with working from heights, including ladders, the poles help customers reduce maintenance costs, because cherry pickers are not needed. And with lane closures no longer necessary, you will no longer have any associated disruptions or traffic delays.

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