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What will drive the Circular economy

Renewable energy and recyclable aluminium. What could be more “circular” than that?

John Barry, Head of Energy Technology in Hydro, has an eagle’s-eye view of advances in renewable energy, so-called decarbonization, and “closing the loop” with recycling.

Advances in technology promise to:

  • Increase the use of renewable energy, like hydropower and from wind and the sun
  • Help develop batteries for electric vehicles and power storage, and their recycling
  • Grow the recycling of aluminium, which can be recycled and re-used endlessly.
  • Remove more CO2 from energy sources, industrial production – and ultimately, the products we use.

All this makes him optimistic about the future – even as we face multiple challenges like climate change, resource waste and ever-growing demands from an increasing population.

“When I see what Hydro is doing across some of these megatrends, I think it's quite inspiring and it's quite forward-thinking,” he says. “It's quite exciting to be working here and working on these topics and pushing the world in the right direction.”

You can hear more from John Barry in the Hydro Talks podcast, “The circular economy: New energy technology, recycling and aluminium” and view other topics on the Hydro Talks page, where you will find links to SpotifyApple and Google podcasts 

The podcast Hydro Talks sets out to explore the modern dilemmas for industry and society. How can we create a more viable society? How can we produce better while consuming less? What should investors expect? What kind of technology and innovation can we implement to work smarter? In Hydro Talks we try to make sense out of these dilemmas. Remember to subscribe! 

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