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The Gloucester site based in the South West of the UK is one our primary Components sites within the country and offers an array of machine-based solutions for roof, rails, trims and treadplates all under one roof.

Amongst standard fabrication, including cutting, stretch bending and CNC operations, our capabilities include the unique function of hand, machine and robot polishing to ensure our products are finished to the highest standard.

Gloucester holds one of the main chemical brightening functions in the UK and Europe which allows us to manufacture high gloss finished parts, even on lower standard alloys, making us unique within the market.

Brightener tank.jpg
Brightener tank

We are currently expanding, with a new Warehouse nearly completed and an extension being built to house a new paint and powder-coating line and are continuously investing in innovation so to expand our offering.

Anodising tanks.jpg
Anodising tanks

The Gloucester site can undertake dyed anodising, so can surface treat products with any colour using organic dyes. This includes Exceptional Black which is resistant to fading.

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