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Hydro Vigelandsfoss AS

The Vigelandsfoss power plant is located in the Otra River in Vennesla municipality. The plant uses a water drop of 19.5 meters in the river, which is dammed up beside the plant.

aerial view of  the Hydro Vigelandsfoss dam

Did you know?

  • Number of employees: 5
  • Began production: 1907
  • Production: 186 GWh annually
  • Products/specialties: Hydropower

The plant is located next door to the Vigeland metal refinery, which produces aluminium of extremely high purity. The power plant ensures that the refinery receives a steady supply of energy for its production needs.


Hydro Energi Vigelandsfoss AS

Vigeland Brugs vei 28

N-4708 Vennesla


+47 38 15 09 18
+47 38 15 09 00