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The shaping

How we are shaping the chair.

Tom Dixon chair

The Tom Dixon chair will be constructed out of three pieces of recycled aluminium: A comfortable lightweight shell in pressed alumina and two legs that are bent with a custom extrusion.  

Shaping a metal chair seat in one singular piece is not an easy task, and it requires extensive research into various technologies. What is the ideal thickness of the aluminium? Which alloy will create the best shape and prevent the seat from splitting?  

In the end, the production must balance cost, design, practicality and technical feasibility. The result will be a new archetype for an aluminium chair, showing off some of the possibilities you have when working with aluminium as a material

Tom Dixon close-ups

Aluminium is strong, flexible and lightweight. It can be shaped in an endless amount of ways. Many of our clients choose to design a unique profile for their product, as this often means fewer parts and easier assembly. 

Why aluminium is a sustainable choice

1. Aluminium is a maintenance free metal that can last for generations, even withstanding heavy weather and seawater.  

2. In cars aluminium saves valuable weight that saves fuel as opposed to heavier materials. It is also great at absorbing energy, which can help make cars and other vehicles safer.  

3. Aluminium is 100% recyclable if treated right. Give us your used scrap and we will get it back into the loop.