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Foil for Tea Light Cups

They lighten up hearts, keep your tea warm, shed a light in deco, wind-lights and romantic settings - tea lights are so versatile, that their safe use seems to come for granted. We take care: with excellent quality aluminium foil for tea light cups.

Empty tea light cups in aluminium

A fine-tuned composition and process route; including the option for a customized pre-lubrication; guaranteeing optimal mechanical properties and processability. All the key elements to supply your favorite material for tea light cups.

Our Norwegian plant in Holmestrand has a long history offering tailor-made solutions for recycled aluminium. As one of the foremost aluminium recyclers, we are equipped to take in return used cups and produce new high quality products out of them.

We use synthetic FDA approved pre-lubrication types, free from any ingredients from animal sources. Our application method ensures a uniform, heat- and oxidation resistant lubrication layer on the aluminium foil surface – an important prerequisite in securing the ideal conditions for the manufacturing process of high-quality tea-light cups.

Our team is dedicated to answer all your technical and commercial questions and request.

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