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Identifying the company

Hydro uses a diverse array of names and information to identify the company. This identification information includes business area, sector and unit names, legal names and site names as well as our corporate name, Hydro.

In some countries we are also required to provide bank, capitalization and management information in certain media. To ensure our communications are as clear and consistent as possible, and to comply with legal requirements, Hydro has established rules governing what type of identification information we use on certain types of media such as stationery, electronic communication and site identification. These rules also apply to communications where employee names are used as part of information that identifies Hydro, such as an e-mail signature or business card. The role of our communications is to facilitate our business relationships, not present our organizational structure. Hence, one of the guiding principles behind the rules is ‘less is more’ – using the minimum number of organizational names required. This helps ensure our communications are message-focused rather