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Renewable growth

The Renewable Growth unit in Energy develops renewable projects and solutions outside Hydro's hydropower portfolio, initially focusing on opportunities in the Nordic region and Brazil.

Smiling worker in protective gear in front of wind turbines

Renewable Growth leverages Hydro's 100+ years of experience in renewable power production, supply and industrial consumption to offer a range of renewable energy solutions to the industry. Renewable Growth aims to offer competitive renewable power from partly owned and operated wind, solar and hydropower projects in Brazil and the Nordics. It also develops behind-the-meter energy management services to reduce or optimize industrial plants’ power consumption.

We see that Energy has great capabilities which enable us to take on an even bigger role in the development of renewable projects. We aim to enter projects at an earlier stage so we can take part in developing, commercializing, constructing, co-owning and in some places operating them.” 
–  Arvid Moss, Head of Energy and Corporate Development.