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Union representatives on Hydro-Sapa match: “Positive for employees”

Union representatives from both companies were present during the signing of the agreement between Hydro and Orkla on Monday. The union representatives stand together behind one message: “This will be positive for employees in both companies.”

Union representatives from both companies have been involved in the acquisition process from the very start, making sure the voices of their members are heard.

“As employee representative in Hydro, I am happy about this acquisition. I believe it will create new and exciting possibilities for our members. Hydro acquiring Sapa means we will become stronger together and a global aluminium champion. We will have a platform for further growth, and that is something we will all benefit from,” says Billy Fredagsvik, representing the Norwegian industrial union IndustriEnergi.

Tor Egil Skulstad, union representative in Sapa from Fellesforbundet, supports Fredagsvik’s message: “For Sapa employees, it’s positive that we will have one strong owner, with a solid interest in supporting our future growth. Together we can create a sustainable and secure future.” 

The Hydro Board of Directors has also decided that it will invite an employee representative of Sapa’s board to participate as an observer in the Hydro board at closing of the transaction. This will provide employees from Sapa with board representation in the period until 2019, when new employee representatives of Hydro are due to be elected.

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