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Hydro Delhi, LA

Hydro's Extrusion plant in Delhi, Louisiana, USA provides extrusion, machining, fabrication, and finishing services.

Mise à jour COVID-19

Pendant l'épidémie de coronavirus, nous nous concentrons toujours sur la sécurité et le bien-être de notre personnel et sur le maintien d'une activité aussi proche de la normale que possible. Consultez nos dernières mises à jour sur le coronavirus (COVID-19).

Overhead image of three pieces of extruded aluminum on rollersHydro Delhi is also a Hydro cast house location, and offers anodizing services in-house.

Like the other Hydro extrusion sites in North America, our Delhi location offers a broad range of manufacturing services. Three on-site extrusion presses provide a variety of extruded aluminum shapes for customers, as well as the raw product for our REDD Team brand of aluminum access ramps and stairs. 

REDD Team is a wholly owned product brand of Hydro, and sells lightweight, recyclable aluminum access products nationwide through a network of suppliers and installers.

Fabrication is a specialty of Hydro Delhi. Cutting, bending, forming, and assembly are available from the skilled production team at Delhi.


142 Hydro Way

Delhi, LA 71232

United States
+1 800-533-2901

Extrusion Presses

1800 ton - 7"
2200 ton - 9"
3000 ton - 10"

Extrusion North America Documents