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Coated aluminium for food cans

Can it to preserve it! With hundred years of experience, we are a leader in providing coated aluminium qualities designed for food canning: fit to shape and fill; safe, hygienic and easy to use.

Aluminium food tins in gold and aluminium colour

A century ago, more fish was filled in cans for safe export, longer shelf life and convenient handling. Our plant in Holmestrand, Norway, supplied the material then. Ever after, this team developed leading update expertise for this special, demanding product.

Our unique electrochemical pre-treatment is used prior to coating. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and totally Cr-free. This treatment ensures adhesion between aluminium and paint – to fulfil the demands of easy-open lids and drawn cans.

The optimized combination of coating and aluminium ensure a tailor-made product for our Canning customers. More than high quality products, we offer optimized solutions. You can ask our technical experts – also for advice on your manufacturing process and how to develop your product even better.

Produced on specialized lines, our canning material comes in a range of alloys and tempers (others on request):

  • EN AW-3005 H48 (lid)
  • EN AW-3005 H48 (can)
  • EN AW-3104 H44
  • EN AW-3104 H46

We deliver coil in thicknesses

  • from 0.20 mm to 0.250 mm (at tolerances ±0.010 mm)
  • 0.251 mm to 0.400 mm (tolerances 0.015 mm)

Coils can be up to 1,500 mm wide. Tolerances range from +0.30/-0.00 mm (in widths up to 99 mm) to +2.50/-0.00 mm (at widths from 1,250 to 1,500 mm).

Golden, white or aluminium look

Coatings used are selected according to the end use, such as type of can and lid, pack media and the expected shelf life of the filled cans. Apart from the exterior gold and clear lacquers, two different systems can be supplied: as a base coat for printing, either a size coat, or a white polyester coating. Even the latest UV-curing inks can be used equally well on our polyester coatings.

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