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Hydro as well as offering ISO9001 are certified to EN1090-2 and can offer CE certification for aluminium components fabricated for sectors including Building and Construction.

Hydro’s Quality department supports the manufacturing division with in-house large bed CMM, Romer Arm and gauging capabilities, with calibrations and procedures controlled to British Standards, allow for ISIR, FAI, capability studies and PPAP’s to be completed as per customers’ requests.

Machining Hydro-Aluminium027

Long length machining

Our 5 axis and 4 axis long bed CNC machines are used when aluminium machining is required on large or complicated aluminium extrusions. We can machine up to 12.2 meters in one set up, programming the part from a model or drawing using CAM software and using our in-house tool room to make all jigs and fixtures, giving our customers an unrivalled service in the industry.

General machining

Our smaller Haas machines are ideally suited for aluminium machining of extrusions under 2000mm in length, they all fitted with a 4th axis rotary fixture, allowing extrusions to be machined in multiple face sin one setup to improve accuracy. As with the longer machines we can program the part from a model or drawing using CAM software and using our in-house tool room to make all jigs and fixtures.

a white machine with blue circles

Aluminium machining from solid

We use our expertise to machine aluminium components from solid, meaning aluminium prototypes are produced quickly and efficiently. All we need is an IGS or STEP file and then using Solid Works and AlphaCam we can produce a program to send straight to the machine.

Our flexible attitude and ability to work to the most exacting standards on both small and large batch contracts sets us apart from the competition and has helped us go from strength to strength.


With a wide range of saws at our disposal we can cut almost any shape and size:

  • CNC programmable saws
  • Double mitre compound saw cuts
  • Compound Angle cuts
  • 5 axis sawing capabilities

Cut to Length Aluminium


After cutting and/or machining, barrel deburring is used to remove all sharp edges where necessary and for longer parts Rasamat deburring machines are used.


CNC Lathes are used for small prototype batch work through to large production for increased accuracy and repeatability.


Our company's core competence has always been in the design, engineering and manufacture of specialist machine tools for forming and machining. In line with the momentum towards 'one stop shop' service offerings, the company specialises in providing total solutions to customers who require formed, machined components and sub-assemblies.

We supply aluminium fabricated extrusions for many industries such as:

  • Leisure (Caravans, Motorhomes, Campervans)
  • E.V (battery enclosures, charging points)
  • Automotive (bumper beams, cant rails, strut braces, seal carrier, roof rails)
  • Aerospace (Seats, baggage bars, spars)
  • Medical (Medical trollies, ceiling hoists)
  • Architectural (Balconies, Balustrading, Facades, Louvers, windows)
  • Rail (Windows, Cabin Components, seats, door frames)
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