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Aluminium battery cables

Our flat, round, and oval battery cables in aluminium will substantially reduce the amount of wired weight in your electric, hybrid, and fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

Battery cables in aluminium

Hydro battery cables are extruded solid aluminium rods that offer significant advantages in material, weight, and cost for your car’s electrical system.

As a standard, the cables are HYCOT® coated with either polyamide (PA) or polyethylene (PE/XPE) coatings and can be delivered in round, flat or oval shapes.

Battery cable coating

Aluminium battery cables for all types of passenger vehicles

Our aluminium battery cables can be applied in electric, hybrid and fossil fuel cars.

Some vehicle designs today, especially for hybrid models, place the battery away from the engine. This fosters and increases the weight and cost-saving potential that aluminium cables provide.

Key features and facts

  • Lightweight: 1/3 of weight when compared to copper
  • Saving: cost savings due to raw material selection and weight savings
  • Coating: protection, insulation and differentiated design possibilities with PA, PE and XP coatings
  • Printing: key information can be printed over the product as traceability and customer specification
  • Product specification: cables are offered in coils or cut to length
  • Processability: aluminium alloys allow specifically designed mechanical properties

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