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Coated aluminium tubes for automotive applications

HYCOT® is a coated tube for lines in automotive applications that offers exceptional corrosion and stone-impact resistance.

HYCOT Coated tubes
HYCOT® coated aluminum tubes

HYCOT® is a precision-drawn aluminium tube with protective nylon coating (Polyamide PA12).

The HYCOT® tube is resistant to a wide range of exposures and severe conditions due to the PA12 coating, which offers exceptional corrosion and stone-impact resistance properties.

Key features

  • Lightness and strength
  • Formability and bending capacity
  • Recyclable
  • High strength welding of plastic parts to coating
  • High surface quality
  • High internal cleanliness
  • Traceability and identification due to printing possibilities

Suitable applications

  • Fuel lines
  • Air conditioning lines
  • Hydraulic lines
  • Oil cooling systems
  • Water coolant tubes
  • Clutch lines
  • Vapor lines
  • Cooling loops
  • Cabin heater lines
  • Vacuum lines
  • Auxiliary heater lines

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